The encounter


May 1993, Ivory Coast - First steps in Africa for Talissa.

Travels and countries followed one another: the Horn, the West part, parks and deserts of the South.

Exploring is her way of being, her intellectual anchorage; An attraction that allows her to build her self.

Tourism, job and always an opportunity to rummage, sniff, touch and strengthen her choice. Fabrics, colors, origins, stories...

"Adjamée" was simply the next step.

Back to Ivory Coast 22 years later, the immersion in the markets of Abidjan, the perfect opportunity to dive again into the colors and the graphics of the local fabrics.

After traveling along the numerous alleys and unfolding the hundreds of loincloths suspended, the magic operates spontaneously.

This is it: the peacock feathers.

Without knowing it, this was the beginning.

Back to Paris, the new cushion attracts the attention and arouses interest… “Why don’t you create more cushions?”

Indeed, the desire to create a universe, an identity and give life to a clean brand takes place.

Why "Adjamée"?

Adjamée, it’s the encounter between a woman and a market.

Adjamé a famous district in Abidjan, known for its market wearing the same name. And when we know that Adjamé means the encounter in Tchaman, there’s no doubt anymore. That's how it all started, Adjamé with an “e” as we use it in French for anything that is related to feminine conjugation.


From the West to the East, the same mission continues: the "quest for the perfect fabric".  Looking for diversity, relief, material, mastery of a dye or hand-making.

If the first collection originated between Ivory Coast and Ghana, inspiration continues along the way from other countries. 

The Adjamée universe promotes spontaneity, always in order to illuminate our daily lives.

Through the objects that surround us, Adjamée’s creations have no limit and will not cease to surprise you.


Places where we’ve been


Sewing workshop

As previously mentioned, all the fabrics are found on the spot then brought back to Paris.

First step: Quality control, just checking if any big faults before washing all the fabrics. Each fabric dipped in water and white vinegar to fix the colors. Grandmother technique, you can use it for your clothes!

Once the bath is finished, the washing machine ... cold or at 30°C depending on the fabric. The explanation is simple: it is important to wash but also to check that they do not lose color or shrink. The drying is done flat!

Once dry, our fabrics are dropped at our sewing workshop... A rare workshop only working with women with a disability. We work on different products and have always been very satisfied with the quality of their work. The little extra that makes the difference!

Note that all our cushions have zippers so you can remove cover if needed.


Care instructions

We are confident that you will take care of your cushions. If it should be stained, we recommend doing a first hand wash. You can also wash it using a cold program or at 30°C, with an absorbent wipe.

Please do not dry the cushion in the drying machine.